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SevenRooms Poised for Global Expansion, Platform Enhancements and Operator Empowerment

The hospitality industry’s sole end-to-end guest experience platform, SevenRooms, has raised $50M in Series B funding. The round was led by Providence Strategic Growth.

Series B funding focuses on taking a company its next level. To succeed in this round of funding, a business must show significant achievements and growth.

“SevenRooms is a category-defining company that provides a vital solution to hospitality operators worldwide,” said PSG managing director Adam Marcus. “Joel and the talented SevenRooms management team have built the only vertically-integrated solution in the hospitality industry, which has enabled them to scale into a global powerhouse. SevenRooms is uniquely positioned, and we are excited to partner with the team to support their next phase of growth.”

Marcus’ description of the company as category-defining is indeed accurate. When it comes to customer relationship management, the fully integrated platform stands alone. SevenRooms collects and tracks hundreds of guest datapoints, offering operators a truly complete picture of each guest’s journey on- and off-premise.

In May of this year, SevenRooms launched Contactless Order & Pay, giving operators the ability to safely reopen their doors and ease guest concerns about returning to restaurants and bars. With this feature added to the already robust SevenRooms suite of capabilities, the 360-degree view of the guest journey is complete:

  • Pre-visit: Online Ordering allows guests to order food for delivery or pickup. Reservation & Waitlist Management gives guests the ability to join waitlists or make reservations. COVID-19 has changed how many operators open their doors to guests each day, from requiring reservations to offering limited seatings for different dayparts; simple-to-use waitlist functionality can improve the new guest experience.
  • Visit: Table Management gives managers the power to deliver scalable, personalized guest experiences. The recently launched Contactless Order & Pay feature is a “bring-your-own-device” solution for making guests comfortable, empowering them to view menus, place orders and pay from their own smartphones or tablets. SevenRooms has made it easy for guests to use the new feature. Instead of forcing them to download an app, guests can simply scan a QR code, visit a URL, or use contactless data transfer via near-field communication (NFC).
  • Post-visit: Reputation Management gives operators access to guest feedback, and Marketing Automation—an invaluable tool—does exactly as its name implies: automates marketing efforts to increase repeat visits, boosting guest loyalty and revenue.

Not only does the platform help operators provide a safe and enjoyable experience for guests, the addition of Contactless Order & Pay to the SevenRooms suite helps keep employees safe and manage labor costs.

The company has showcased industry-leading features and vision for the industry’s future in recent years. Just last year, in fact, co-founder and chief product officer Allison Page demonstrated just how powerful and innovative the platform is. What some have considered “just” a reservation system is so much more.

Donning a pair of Alexa-enabled smart glasses at last year’s National Restaurant Association show, Page showed how much valuable information SevenRooms can provide a manager during a shift. Scanning a dining room with smart focals, a manager can react quickly to real-time data, making informed decisions to enhance each guest’s experience. Myriad guest details—including birthday, drink preference, past visits, anniversary, allergies, preferred server—can be accessed immediately and conveniently while simply looking around the dining room. The manager and staff are more engaged because they’re not looking down at screens or written notes.

Of course, innovation doesn’t mean much for operators, their teams and their guests if a platform is difficult to integrate and use. SevenRooms can be integrated easily with dozens of POS systems, several booking channels, multiple payment providers, and a number of event management and marketing applications. For an in-depth list of SevenRooms integrations, click here.

Today’s announcement of $50M in Series B funding is really about what the company can accomplish for operators with that investment. SevenRooms is now even better positioned to deliver innovative new features that will help operators safely navigate a new era of hospitality. These solutions will no doubt be aimed at making team members and guests feel more comfortable, managing costs, executing more effective marketing efforts, and increasing revenue.

Neither the author nor Hospitality Villains received compensation, monetary or otherwise, from SevenRooms or Providence Strategic Growth or any other entity in exchange for this post.

Images: SevenRooms

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