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This Podcast Helps Hospitality Push Forward

A new podcast produced by award-wining public relations agency Hanna Lee Communications takes a different angle on hospitality.

There are several incredible and informative hospitality industry podcasts out there. And it makes sense that these podcasts are hosted by and feature well-known operators, chefs and bartenders.

Hospitality Forward is hosted by Hanna Lee and Michael Anstendig, president and editor-in-chief of Hanna Lee Communications, respectively. The guests are prominent and prolific hospitality, food and beverage, and travel writers and editors.

The main mission driving Hospitality Forward is teaching operators how to get their venues on the radar of F&B publications and writers to score coverage. However, this is very much a podcast of the times and conversations inevitably touch on the current state of the industry.

A conversation with writer Robert Simonson is the focus of the inaugural episode. That name should be familiar to anyone who hungrily consumes F&B content.

Simonson won this year’s Spirited Award for Best New Cocktail or Bartending Book for The Martini Cocktail: A Meditation on the World’s Greatest Drink, with Recipes. He also writes for the New York Times, Imbibe and PUNCH.

Lee and Anstendig speak with Simonson about why he loves writing about the “old guard” bartenders and cocktails. He shares his opinion on being pitched stories by operators and industry professionals. But they also discuss his thoughts on cocktails-to-go, outdoor drinking and dining, how the bar community can move the industry forward in these chaotic and challenging times, and diversity.

The second conversation is with Jeff Gordinier, the food and drinks editor at Esquire. Back in April, Gordinier wrote a flamethrower of an article laying bare the failures of the current administration to support independent restaurants, which you can read here. The article sent shockwaves through—and outside of—the industry, resonating with professionals and consumers alike.

During his conversation on Hospitality Forward, Gordinier shares what he misses about the pre-pandemic hospitality industry, diversity, how innovative operators are pushing forward, and more. As far as the original mission of the podcast, Gordinier explains the importance of social media (which he admits to embracing late in the game), along with how he chooses the who and what for his stories.

There are seven Hospitality Forward conversations available currently. At 19 to 30 minutes long and with a casual, optimistic tone, each one is an easy and engaging listen. Check out the trailer and be sure to subscribe today!

Image: Hanna Lee Communications

David Klemt View All

I’ve been studying and writing about the hospitality industry since 2006. Like so many people, I started my journey in this business by working as a host, server and bartender. I was introduced to nightlife in Chicago, learning the ins and outs of nightclubs and after-hours hot spots.

After moving to Las Vegas nearly 20 years ago, I both co-owned a valet company and helped promote the club it serviced. That led to me taking on the role of editor for a Las Vegas hospitality industry publication.

A few short years later, I continued along my journey of hospitality industry reporting. I went from contributing to a major industry outlet to taking on the role of editor and content curator.

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