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6 Days of Gifts: The Villains’ Holiday Guide, Chocolate

It’s the holiday season and that means one thing: We’re this close to 86ing the dumpster fire that is 2020!

For the next to days, we’ll be wrapping up our gift guide and sharing items that we think would make great presents for team members, top performers, loyal guests (in-person, delivery or takeout), charity raffles, family, friends…everyone, really. We’ll also highlight a 501(c)(3) nonprofit for those who prefer that form of giving.

There are people all over the country that probably don’t feel like they have much to celebrate and aren’t in the holiday mood. If one has the means, donating to a local charity, sponsoring a family, or providing for struggling employees would be an incredible gesture this year. Just checking in on team members, family, friends, and neighbors with genuine interest—safely, of course—so they know someone cares can go a long way.

Today, we’re featuring chocolate, which always makes a great gift or raffle prize this time of year.

Happy holidays, cheers, and the Villains hope everyone has a safe and healthy December!

Ethel M Crème Liqueur Collection, $30

Since 1980, Ethel M has been crafting premium chocolate just outside of Las Vegas. Gift any chocolate lover in your life this decadent assortment of twelve chocolates that contains two pieces each infused with either bourbon (Knob Creek), Irish cream (Bailey’s), orange liqueur (Grand Marnier), anejo tequila (Herradura), amaretto or rum (Meyer’s).

JinJu Chocolates Truffle Collection, $28

Founded in 2011, JinJu Chocolates is a Las Vegas company founded by award-winning pastry chef Jin Caldwell. At one point in her career, Caldwell held the position of head pastry chef for Ethel M. Each of the 16 truffles in the JinJu Truffle Collection features silky smooth ganache center made with fresh cream and couverture Swiss chocolate. More high-quality Swiss chocolate is used to encase the ganache in the middle.

Harney & Sons Chocolate Mint Tea

Image from Amazon

Now that we’re fully in the midst of winter, we could all use some warming up. This loose leaf black tea is made with peppermint leaves and chocolate flavoring. As fans of this particular flavor, the Villains can attest to the refreshing but sweet flavor and chocolate-mint aroma that puts smiles on faces. Order a tin from Amazon here.

Everything Chocolate, $21.99

Image from Amazon

When a book says it was published by America’s Test Kitchen, you know the information inside will be useful. As the title suggests, this book is loaded with chocolate recipes and everything you need to know about chocolate. Get it here on Amazon.

Pottery Barn Cheeky Reindeer Ceramic Mugs

Image from Pottery Barn

Speaking of smiles on faces, look at these reindeer—they’re so happy. It’s probably in anticipation of being filled with delicious hot cocoa. You can snag individual mugs for $7 (usually $12) or a set of four for $30 (normally $50) right now on the Pottery Barn website.

One Fair Wage

This organization advocates and campaigns for service workers to receive full minimum wage—plus tips if they’re tipped workers—nationwide. OFW is a fiscally sponsored 501(c)(3) and they also manage the One Fair Wage Emergency Fund. Donate here to support struggling both employees and employers.

Hospitality Villains is a member of the Amazon Affiliate Program. Amazon offers affiliates a small commission on sales made through affiliate links. The links above are affiliate links that will help support Hospitality Villains at no additional cost to you.

Image: Dejan Zakic on Unsplash

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