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Speyside Distillery Announces New Core Range of Scotch Whiskies

Award-winning Scotch distillery Benriach is sending four new expressions to the United States in October.

Master Blender Dr. Rachel Barrie—along with her team—has developed a new core Benriach range that respects tradition, heritage and innovation.

Inspiration came by way of the 1994 expression of the Benriach Original Ten. That Scotch delivered both complexity and smoothness with a fruit-forward profile.

The new Original Ten delivers flavors of ripe pear, nectarine and malt sweetness, along with a trace of smoke. This Scotch undergoes maturation in bourbon, sherry and virgin oak casks. The Original Ten is 86 proof and retails for $53.99 for a 750ml.

Dr. Barrie and her team reimagined more than just the Original Ten for Benriach’s refreshed core range. A new recipe was developed for the distillery’s 12-year-old Scotch, and the whisky is treated to multiple cask maturations.

The reworked Original Twelve matures in sherry, bourbon and port casks, with the final product delivering maple honey and cocoa on the nose, maraschino cherry and baked orange on the palate, spiced mocha and raising on the finish, and no smoke. The whisky weighs in at 92 proof and retails for $59.99.

Jamaican rum casks are part of the Smoky Ten’s triple-cask maturation process. Toasted virgin oak and bourbon are the other two casks. The Smoky Ten is characterized by oak spice, smoked honey glaze and ripe orchard fruit syrup on the nose. On the palate, the Smoky Ten delivers on its namesake: smoked applewood along with honey maple and spiced pear. The high-smoke Scotch finished with smoked oak and rings in at 92 proof and an SRP of $59.99.

Bourbon, sherry and Marsala wine casks are used to mature Benriach’s Smoky Twelve. This 92-proof Scotch is imbued with plenty of smoke, toast and char. There’s smoked vanilla, charred orange and toasted almond on the nose, smoked oak on the palate, and orange smoke on the finish. This high-smoke Scotch also delivers flavors of dark chocolate, fruit peel and brown sugar, all for an SRP of $64.99.

Of course, new recipes and processes are just two elements of the reimagination equation. The vision for Benriach’s new core range is completed by a third element: refreshed packaging. Benriach drew inspiration from the landscape surrounding the distillery, which informed the brand’s new color palette.

Along with the new core range, the distillery plans to release Benriach Twenty One, Twenty Five and Thirty Year Old expression to the United States in 2021. Be sure to visit the Benriach website for more, and keep up with them on social media for release updates: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Image: Benriach

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