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Yes, You Can Can: International Canned Cocktail Day

We’ve come a long way in a short period of time when it comes to canned cocktail quality.

A new brand with a creative take on the category seems to come to market each month. According to Nielsen data, the ready-to-drink category grew by around 80 percent from April 2019 to April of this year.

The popularity of canned cocktails (and RTDs in general) is at least partly fueled by consumer perception. From can design to the liquid inside, RTD cocktails have become craftier.

Brands now boast about the sources of their spirits, their low calorie counts, and their minimal, all-natural ingredients. Many are easy drinking and don’t make consumers feel bloated.

White Claw may still dominate the RTD landscape but we’ve rounded up several canned cocktail brands for you, your team, and your guests to try today. Cheers!

Fling Craft Cocktails

Boulevard Brewing Co. created Fling Craft Cocktails to quench their collective thirst to make something different. There are six cocktails available, including the Whiskey Mule and Blood Orange VodSod.

Crook & Marker

For those who prefer to pop the tops on spiked versions of their favorite drinks, there’s Crook & Marker. The brand’s RTDs are zero sugar with zero net carbs, vegan, and just 80 calories. Crook & Marker offers an expansive range of spiked lemonades, teas, sodas, sparklers, and coconut-forward cans.

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Two Chicks Cocktails

Women-founded. Women-owned. Women-run. Two Chicks Cocktails aims to do more than just craft delicious RTDs using premium spirits—the brand is committed to celebrating inclusivity, empowerment, and connection. There are six canned cocktails available, including the Apple Gimlet and New Fashioned.

Ranch Rider Spirits

This brand from Austin, TX, is made with the adventurer in mind. Ranch Rider Spirits’ social media is full of pics of the outdoors, horses, and dogs. They’re even giving away a one-off surfboard next week! Connect with them to be among the first to know when their new Jalapeño Ranch Water launches.

You & Yours Distilling

Located in San Diego, You & Yours was founded in 2017. The brand’s canned cocktails are made with the spirits they craft on-site at their distillery in the East Village. For example, the You & Yours Vodka Mule is made with Y&Y Vodka, and their Gin & Tonic is made using their Sunday Gin.

Cocktail Squad

I’m not sure what draws my attention to Cocktail Squad first—the bold, sophisticated design of their cans or their flavors. Cocktail Squad’s range consists of cocktails like the Bourbon Smash, Whiskey Ginger, Whiskey Sour, and Greyhound.

Neither the author nor Hospitality Villains received compensation, monetary or otherwise, from these brands, their distributors or any other entity in exchange for this post.

Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

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