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AuthorDavid Klemt

I’ve been studying and writing about the hospitality industry since 2006. Like so many people, I started my journey in this business by working as a host, server and bartender. I was introduced to nightlife in Chicago, learning the ins and outs of nightclubs and after-hours hot spots. After moving to Las Vegas nearly 20 years ago, I both co-owned a valet company and helped promote the club it serviced. That led to me taking on the role of editor for a Las Vegas hospitality industry publication. A few short years later, I continued along my journey of hospitality industry reporting. I went from contributing to a major industry outlet to taking on the role of editor and content curator.

Hospitality Isn’t Going Anywhere: Operators Must Be Nimble to Prepare for the Post-COVID World

Operators large and small are facing unprecedented challenges. Being nimble is key to surviving the current pandemic and thriving in the post-Covid world.