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5 for Friday: October 30, 2020

Today is Nevada Day! To celebrate, the Villains have elected to celebrate distillers, brewers and taprooms located in the Silver State. Cheers!

Las Vegas Distillery

A fun, boutique operation that has been crafting spirits for a decade. Las Vegas Distillery produces gin, rum, whiskey, moonshine and specialty spirits like oat and kamut whiskeys. If you’re looking for a unique take on spirits, you’ll want to schedule a visit and tasting.

Smoke Wagon

This small-batch bourbon is crafted by Nevada H&C Distilling Co. in Las Vegas. There are four high-rye, award-winning expressions of Smoke Wagon available: Straight Bourbon (your everyday bourbon), Small Batch Bourbon (skillfully blended younger and older vintages), Uncut Unfiltered (high proof, rich, sweet and thick), and Private Barrel (a true single barrel bottling—no blending).

Can’t wait for a visit to the distillery? Order Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon, Small Batch Bourbon, and Uncut Unfiltered through Drizly today.

Frey Ranch Estate Distilling

Located six hours northwest of Las Vegas and about an hour east of Reno, Frey Ranch is a beautiful property. And on that lovely piece of land distillers masterfully craft bourbon, rye, vodka, gin, barrel-finished gin, and absinthe. Grains and botanicals used in the spirits are grown on the 1,200-acre Frey Ranch Farm, so each bottle contains true Nevada terroir.

Beer Zombies

What started out as an Instagram page dedicated to reviewing craft beer has transformed into much, much more. Through selective and well-executed collaborations, Beer Zombies is now a full-blown lifestyle brand celebrating all things craft beer through draft rooms and bottle shops, sought-after BZ releases, an even a festival. Make sure to follow them on social media and Untappd.

Lovelady Brewing Co.

This brewery is family owned and operated, and the Lovelady tap room is located in Henderson, Nevada. Currently, the brewery offers seven year-round beers—including the hazy Love Juice IPA (their most popular) and 9th Island pineapple sour, which are the Villains’ favorites—and five seasonal brews, like Sex on the Beach Kettle Sour and Love Shake, a milkshake IPA with lactose, Mosaic hops, lemon peel, blueberries and vanilla. Click here to follow Lovelady on Uptappd. When you visit, plan to grab a fantastic bite at Juan’s Flaming Fajitas—trust us.

Photo by Jonathan Petersson on Unsplash

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I’ve been studying and writing about the hospitality industry since 2006. Like so many people, I started my journey in this business by working as a host, server and bartender. I was introduced to nightlife in Chicago, learning the ins and outs of nightclubs and after-hours hot spots.

After moving to Las Vegas nearly 20 years ago, I both co-owned a valet company and helped promote the club it serviced. That led to me taking on the role of editor for a Las Vegas hospitality industry publication.

A few short years later, I continued along my journey of hospitality industry reporting. I went from contributing to a major industry outlet to taking on the role of editor and content curator.

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