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Avaline Wine Responds to Fans By Announcing New Expression

Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power are accelerating the release of the third member of the Avaline Wine family.

Avaline Red will join the lineup next month. According to the brand, one question from Avaline’s nearly 60,000-strong Instagram following has stood out from all others: Will they release a red wine?

The answer isn’t just yes—Diaz and Power have chosen to set aside the original release plan.

Avaline Red had been planned for a fall release but the success of Rosé and White—and the overwhelming interest in the third expression from Avaline fans—inspired the brand to accelerate the launch.

Diaz and Power launched Avaline in July of this year with the clear goal of steering the wine world toward more transparency. Ingredients for their vegan wines, along with nutritional information, are shared with consumers directly on the labels.

In just two months, Avaline built a loyal and engaged social media following and sold more than 120,000 bottles of Rosé and White. That community has been asking for a red wine to fill out the portfolio.

According to Nielsen data, Avaline White claimed a top-ten best-selling slot among ultra-premium white blends by the first week of August. That feat was accomplished over the course of just four weeks.

Avaline Rosé has also been performing well since coming to market. Each week, close to 1,000 re-orders are placed for the popular expression.

Expectations for Avaline Red are high given the overachieving company it will keep. If the performances of Avaline Rosé and White are any indication, Red will hold its own. The next big question for Avaline is this: Will there be a sparkling wine?

Join the brand’s active and engaged Instagram community here to keep up to date on Avaline Red’s October release. Have Avaline Rosé and Avaline White delivered to your door by Drizly so you can try them for yourself before Red is launched.

Image: Avaline

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